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Professional Experience

Fire Service Repair currently employs multiple certified EVTs, the nation's certification for those who work on emergency apparatus in fire, ambulance, airport rescue and firefighting with a combined 58+ years of experience, plus three techs with a combined 40 years experience in fire service.

Mobile Fire Pump Testing
We have the capability to offer mobile pump testing anywhere there are 3000 gallons of water available; we can return the water at conclusion of test if requested. Written documentation will be supplied to customer.
Mobile Wildland Pump Testing
In 2017 wildland pump testing was added to NFPA 2011 annual requirements; we can provide this service onsite as well.
Foam Proportioning Testing
This is an annual requirement in NFPA 2017 Edition; we can provide this service for Hale, Foam Pro, Waterous, some Pierce systems with direct injection systems. We have the capability to re-calibrate most systems if necessary.
Fire Boat Testing
We have performed fire boat acceptance testing in addition to annual testing as required by NFPA. We have tested boats up to 10,000 GPMs.

Mission Statement

Our service will be offered to local fire departments with compatible NFPA 1911 and current edition views on fire apparatus repair. The focus of this venture will always be toward the quality and reliability of the equipment we maintain. By holding tightly to this focus, our mission simply stated is:

  • To extend the life and dependability of the fire apparatus by proper maintenance
  • To offer operator training and assistance in specification writing for new equipment purchases
  • To provide documentation of appropriate testing, maintenance and repair of emergency vehicles.
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